Vermicompost is used in organic agriculture as an alternative to the biological additives added to the soil and to maximize the use of natural elements added and other organic fertilizers used in organic agriculture and helps in raising the immunity of the plant very significantly and also increase crop  yield and increase the quality of crops and increase shelf life time for all crops.


Vermicompost is used in mixed agriculture to maximize the utilization of chemical fertilizer (reducing the consumption of fertilizers for more than 50%) and to increase the immunity of  plants and reduce production costs and increase yield due to :-:

1 – contains a wide range of beneficial  bacteria to the plant and soil, which restore the soil biological balance.

2 – contains bacteria and fungi that help facilitate the insoluble elements  for  plants in soluble form.

3 – contains enzymes and natural hormones to help the growth of the plant quickly and healthy.

4 – helps the plant to form a strong  root  because it contains natural rooting hormones (Indole Acetic Acid and Indole Buteric acid).

5 – contains fungus and Actinomycets that help in the resistance to the vitality of plant diseases and also helps to raise the immunity of the plant.

6 – contains the Humic and Fulvik necessary for the chelation of micronutrients  for  plant, which also improves the properties of soil.

7 – helps to produce plants resistant to diseases in the case of use of vermicompost starting from the nursery and reduce the cycle of production in the nursery by 30%.

8 – Reduces use of pesticides by up to 75%.

9 – helps to produce crops with very high storage characteristics(increase shelf life time).

10 – When using the vermicompost in the chemical fertilization system helps to reduce the use of fertilizers by up to more than 50%.

11 – helps to early maturity of the harvest and reduce the cycle of production.


How to use

  • The fruit trees are added to each tree at a rate of 0.5 – 4 KG for the tree depending on the age of the tree and added next to compost in the tree under the trees at the beginning of the.
  • For vegetable crops, an average of 250- 500 kg / Acer is used under seedlings only before planting directly or after planting.