Integrated Fertilizer

The ideal soil fertilizer mix for organic agriculture that contains worm castings, special compost, dolomite, rock phosphate , feldspar ,biochar, and selective microbial additives.

This product is especially suitable for organic agriculture ,it does not contain any chemical additives and is completely free from mineral fertilization.

In the case of integrated fertilizer use in clean agriculture, it reduces the consumption of chemical fertilizers by up to 70% and thus significantly saving the costs of fertilization.


Mechanism of Action:-

1 – The integrated fertilizer contains the elements of the fertilizer in its natural form, making it not washable and loss in irrigation water.

2 – Because of the presence of VermiCompost and the presence of bacteria specialized in facilitating the elements of metal, the release of metal elements works very slowly and balanced to be produced according to the needs of the plant and thus balanced and strong growth of plants.

3 – contains the biochar, which is one of the most important soil amendments, which in turn reduces the need for irrigation water and also is a safe home for beneficial bacteria.

4 – Contains many types of fungi and beneficial bacteria, which play an important role in the biological control and also the secretion of hormones necessary for plant growth.

5 – Cumulative use of integrated fertilizer improves the soil characteristics and increases the amount of humic substance in the soil, which greatly reduces the consumption of irrigation water.

6 – Contains natural humat which greatly help in chelation of micronutrients and also helps to reduce the loss of elements in the case of chemical fertilization.

7 – Makes root growth safe and strong in the rhizosphere area because it contains rooting hormones and fungi that makes A symbiotic relationship with roots, maximizing the utilization of the elements in the soil and protect roots from root rot  infection.

How to use

  • Used in vegetables at a rate of 1-2 tons /Acer according to the type of vegetables and is used on agriculture lines directly under seedlings only.
  • In fruit trees is used at a rate of 2 to 8 kg / tree depending on the age and type of trees.
  • Can be mixed with the normal compost before planting and put it in the lines of agriculture immediately before planting seedlings in the ground before planting two days at most.