Healthy Grower

To increase Strength of plant and increase plant immunity

The Content:

(N)                    %12

(P2O5)              %7

(K2O)                %5

(S)                     %3

(MgO)               %2

(Organic Acid) %15

Contains natural growth regulators and Amino Acids
Contains Algae extract freely
It contains micro-claw elements ( Fe – Mn – Zn -B – Cu – Mo)



1-Supply plants with essential nutritional elements necessary for growth in the first stages of growth of the plant.

2-Contains organic magnesium, which helps to increase the production of chlorophyll leading to more efficient plant Photosynthesis.

3- help to produce more healthy plants by increasing strength of Plant immunity against diseases.

4- Reduces the use of chemical pesticides.

5-help plants in earlier growth stages to grow healthy without thermal stress,fungal diseases.

How to Use:

It ‘s used as foliar spraying 1 liter / 300 liters every -10 days from the beginning of agriculture to pre-flowering stage .