Golden Grower

Strengthen flowering and increase production

The Content:

(K2O)                   %15

(P2O5)                 %12

(S)                        %2

(Amino Acid)        %24

(Organic Acid)      %15

(Cytokinins)         %0.1

Contains essential vitamins and marine algae extracts

Contains micro-claw elements ( Fe-Mu- Zn- Cu- B )



1-Supply essential Amino Acids for plant.

2-Supply plants with essential nutrients specially potassium, phosphorus ,micronutrients.

3-Contains natural plant Growth regulators.

4-Helps to increase and strength flowering.

5-Helps to increase the yield and quality of fruits and vegetables.

6-Improves plant resistance against fungal diseases.

7-Helps to increase the Shelf lifetime of fruits during storage.

8-decrease thermal stress that may crops affected .

How to Use:

It ‘s used as foliar spraying 1 liter / 300 liters every 7-10 days from the beginning of flowering period.