Bio garden

The ideal soil fertilizer mix for small garden that contains worm castings, special compost, dolomite, rock phosphate , feldspar ,biochar, and selective microbial additives.



  1. Bio Garden is a product specially designed to serve Compounds , Villa Gardens, landscaping , Clubs ,etc
  2. Bio Garden is odorless and can therefore be used indoors or home Gardens safely
  3. Bio Garden is completely free of nurses and therefore is completely safe for home use and small gardens and does not attract any kind of insects
  4. Bio Garden is integrated in the properties of fertilizers and metal elements so that makes home crops and gardens do not need any other type of fertilizers, both organic and mineral
  5. Bio Garden contains natural hormones that help increase the number of flowers in ornamental plants and increase the freshness of color and also helps to increase the period of flower conservation after the cut
  6. Helps to increase the freshness of the green areas by providing the necessary fertilizer elements for all kinds of grains
  7. Bio Garden is used with fruit trees in gardens so efficiently that it produces abundant fruits with very high quality and 100% organic
  8. Bio Garden helps to protect ornamental plants and trees from root rot problems and increases the immunity and strength of plants in general
  9. In aromatic plants, the bio Garden increases the aromatic aroma of aromatic flowers and aromatic plants.


How to use:

  • For fruit trees at a rate of 2 – 8 kg depending on the age of the tree
  • Ornamental flowers at a rate of 2 – 5 kg depending on the age of the tree
  • Used with ornamental plants at a rate of 1 kg per square meter under the plants